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Inhale gently and use the chant "oooooong na moooooo" during your exhale. The "se no" is long and the "a" is short. Without taking a breath in between, chant "gu ru deeeev na mo."

Her gluten sensitivity is so extreme that it took three “vacation” slip-ups with ensuing destabilization for me to convince her that her ticket to full symptom remission was a complete

Given the major problems of OCD stem from stress, this herbal supplement can help you get your life back and overcome any side effects if you are treating your OCD with SSRIs.

If a daily practice is something you've been trying to get into the swing of then this 30-day plan will have you stretching and lengthening every single day.

Sildenafil (Viagra) is often used to treat ED. But the side effects of this medication can make taking it unpleasant. Yoga, on the other hand, is a drug-free way to relax the body and mind. There’s a growing body of research to suggest that yoga can help with ED.

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We don’t have a good understanding of the possible physiological and psychological underpinnings to obsessive and compulsive symptoms, but the beauty of Yoga for OCD “sommità-down” lifestyle approaches is that we don’t need to.

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Are you thinking about doing a yoga teacher training? There are plenty of courses around the world for a yogi to take the next step and become a yoga teacher – in an affordable way! 

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I have work with students ranging from 10-65, all athletic backgrounds and all body types. Yoga is not something you conform to, it is something that is tailored to the student.

22 Day 22: Release Try something a little different with this yoga blend—you may feel like the flow is out of your comfort zone, but by pushing, you'll adapt and accomplish a new set of skills.

Answer a few questions and get immediate results and recommendations. It only takes a few minutes, so let's get started!

Hold this pose for between one and three minutes. Focus on your breath and see if you can slowly relax and release your body. Con time, you may be able to reach your hands beyond your feet — but don’t force yourself before you’re ready.

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